Third Party Reviews

Michele Botheroyd | September 03, 2018 |

"All the stylist are fantastic! You can’t go wrong with the mvp. Also they are also very knowledgeable about products and what’s best for your hair type!!! 10 stars!"

Chris Walker | June 01, 2018 |

"Listening to food poisoning stories while receiving a mediocre haircut/service is just not worth repeating."

Jason Denhart | May 20, 2018 |

"I got skipped over on the wait board by several customers because of a problem with my online check in, even after I had asked what was going on and been told it would be taken care of. Left after sitting in yhe lobby for 30 minutes without getting my haircut. I'll find somewhere else from now on."

Akash Verma | April 27, 2018 |

"Excellent staff!"

Amy R. | January 31, 2018 |

"Beware! Workers do not understand their online system and took advantage of my kids. I took my teenage kids here tonight and I had to leave to pick up another one of my kids. I was gone for about 20 minutes. When I left they were both "on deck" to go next. We had checked in online before we went. Before I could get back, they took one of my children and then skipped my second child claiming the kid below them in line was in the store first and took him. The person that works there made this decision and said the online system doesn't work because it jumbled up the names and doesn't take into account people that are already in the store. It absolutely does! That is the whole purpose of checking in online. If you check in at home, you may be ahead of someone that just walks in. It saves your place in line. Both of my kids should have received their hair cuts at the same time and we should have been on our way. They took advantage of the fact that I wasn't there and skipped my daughter because they don't even understand their own online system. She made the decision to cut my sons hair and let the person below go ahead of my daughter. If I had stayed to get her hair cut, we would have had to wait another 30-40 minutes while she cut my other kids hair. So we had to leave with only one kid's hair cut. When we signed in online at 4:20 it said no wait, we were there by 4:30. At 5:30 only one of my kids had a hair cut and we had to leave with the other one waiting this whole time and no hair cut! I will not go back to this location. The person that works there was argumentative with me and kept blaming the online system for mixing up the names. She took it in her own hands to just switch them around unfairly herself. Customer service was terrible. I was never told that they made a mistake or they were sorry. The stylist just kept telling me I don't understand their online system. I wasn't offered anything for the inconvenience. After a long day of work and my teenage kids having homework etc, I don't appreciate my child being skipped in line with no apology."

andrew nicks | February 27, 2018 |

"Prices are higher than other sportclips"

Harold Hart | February 26, 2018 |

"I got a haircut here and I loved the experience! I came in at a busier time and had to wait but it was well worth it, will definitely come back and would recommend to anyone"

rashmi arora | February 07, 2018 |

"They don't give good service for discounted coupons."

Richard B. | March 27, 2016 |

"A couple of weeks ago, we got a coupon in the mail for a free haircut at this brand new Sports Clips. Now, that is a very good price for me. This offer included a haircut, shampoo, hot towel wrap, and massage treatment. Since I don't like to get clipped at a clip joint, I held on to the coupon until my relatively bald dome really needed some trimming. So, I came in, they logged me into their system, and were able to accommodate me immediately, even though I had no reservation and this was a Saturday morning. SportsClips is a chain of franchised haircut stores that handle men's haircuts, and the place is decorated with sports memorabilia, a few TVs tuned to sporting events, and cutesy sports sounding product and service names. My stylist, like all of the others working there, was a twenty-something woman who asked me what type of haircut I wanted, and tried to maintain a pleasant banter with me during the procedure. Their procedure is much like many of these fast-service hair salons. They spray my hair with some kind of liquid, and proceed to cut my hair with a clippers and scissors. Where they differ from others is that they then take me into a back room for a shampoo and towel wrap. The shampoo is much like waterboarding. They sit me down in a special ratcheting chair, cover my face with a warm towel and pour water on the towel while s-l-o-w-l-y lowering my head into a sink to apply shampoo and then rinse. I was expecting an "enhanced interrogation" procedure, but they did not ask me about any terrorism plans. The stylist then put a different hot towel on my face and massaged it gently for a minute or so. Back in the "olden days," old-fashioned barbers would shave a guy at this point. Finally she released the chair, and I felt like I had just been sprung from a thrill ride at an amusement park: the chair popped up, there was a loud "clunk," and the towels were removed. I was ready to confess all of my evil plans to get out of there! [just kidding] Then, the stylist ran an electric massager on my shoulders for a minute or two. Finally, she applied some goop on what's left of my hair and combed it. Although the haircut (and enhanced interrogation technique) was free, I did leave the stylist with a nice tip: "Buy low and sell high." I liked my experience there; but since I am pretty much a graying chrome dome, the quality of the haircut is hard to assess, since all I really need is a trim. One other observation, and I really don't want to dump on the young ladies working there BUT since this is a hair styling place, why do they have disheveled hair styles, and poorly/unevenly/unconvincing "blond" hair?"

Frank G. | June 26, 2016 |

"Went in there late Sat. to have a stylist "take down" a wave in the back of my head as my regular stylist located near my work and too far away given time of day (4pm Sat.). I thought a really simple task. There were two young ladies (with customers) and a middle aged woman whose name I believe was Jeanette. She was at register when I entered - I explained "need 2 minutes of work, but happy to pay full haircut price". She said she was going off duty and one of the other two would help when done with customers in their chairs. Two minutes later she states " I will take care you". AND THAT WAS MY ERROR in not waiting for one of the other two. She sat me down at her station and starting telling me what my hair required from wanting to clean up my neckline ( I wear natural fade - no line) to "ad infinitum" - just kept arguing with me. MY MISTAKE in not getting up and walking out, She finally proceeded to "work" in the small area I had requested and went through same a few times (after I looked to guide her). AGAIN MY MISTAKE - her instruments for this procedure looked like they were purchased at a Walmart "discontinued sale" and her work worse including a "gouge". MY MISTAKE in not living with until Tue. when I could revisit my stylist. MY MISTAKE in thinking this place near my residence could handle. At register the other two clients were paying and I had to get out of there (as I was eager to exit) so I asked what cost was ($10) gave her a $20 and just ran away. My review UGH."